dogs are welcome in many places, and one of the favorite places are the Farmers Markets. We love to see people and dogs enjoying the market! At times, the not so great things to see are people becoming frustrated or angry because of the dogs. Here are a few tips to ensure you and your pooch enjoy the market!

Crowded situations are not for every dog so if you know your pooch is not at his best in such situations, perhaps leave him at home (but definitely stop at our booth to get him some goodies)!
Don’t let your dog jump or lick others unless you know they are okay with that.
Watch for any indications of stress. If your pooch is no longer having a good time, be willing to leave even if you would rather stay longer.
Most markets have water stations but bring your own in case your dog isn’t a “public water” drinker.
Don’t let dogs greet each other unless both owners agree it’s okay.
Don’t let your pooch go potty on Market signage or peoples booth displays (tablecloths, etc.).
If you pooch takes a dump….please pick it up!

Most of our readers already know these little tips but we thought it would be good to know if owning a pooch is new to you! Feel free to share this little tidbit if you think it would be helpful to someone you know.