Home Selling

Local Real Estate Assistance

Archibald Relocation has an experienced and well developed on-site team of real estate agents equipped with knowledge of the current real estate market. They are ready to assist sellers to quickly prepare their home for sale and stay close through the entire selling process. We are with you for guidance and assistance each step of the way. Our agents understand what is necessary for a successful transaction and know that pricing a home accurately to sell quickly is a pivotal piece of relocation cost containment.

Archibald Relocation Out of Area Preferred Broker Program – Selling

For out of area sellers, Archibald Relocation will provide real estate advocacy by assigning two relocation trained Realtors through our preferred broker network help assess the marketable value of the home to be sold within 90-120 days. Two Broker Market Analysis Reports will be completed by the agents within 72 hours after assessing the seller’s home. Archibald Relocation real estate specialists will analyze the BMAs to make sure the suggested value falls within a spread of no more than 7%. If that percentage is above 7%, a third opinion of value will be asked to help determine the marketable value. The key to selling a home quickly during a relocation process is to price the home accurately and quickly prepare the home for inspection and sale.

The involvement of Archibald Relocation is vital to this process and to a successful sale. We will connect your employee buyers with a knowledgeable relocation trained agent, who understands the time sensitivity and urgency in selling finding the right home to allow completion of the final leg of relocation. The success process of finding and purchasing a home quickly lowers the overall relocation cost to the employee and the corporation and results in a happy homeowner!