A Note From Our Founder

Beth 02062012

As a former Navy wife, I understand moving! It is from a wealth of personal experience that I understand how moving can be impersonal and filled with anxiety and uncertainty. I also know that it doesn’t need to be that way!

As a result of those unsettling moves nearly 30 years ago, I began my own journey in the real estate and relocation industry. First, I worked as a real estate agent and enjoyed helping people find their new homes. While making my mark as a successful real estate agent, I became even more aware that every move, no matter how short or long a distance, is truly about relocation and relocation is truly about real estate. After several years as a real estate agent I wanted to do more and made it my personal mission to provide innovative relocation and real estate services that make transitions as smooth as possible – whether they are across town, from coast to coast, or across the ocean.

Relocation is about people helping people. My business success taught me that van lines, airplanes, shipping containers, home searching, and budgets are only part of the equation. The other part, the human part, is my true standard of measure for success. Our transferees tell us that the level of personal attention they received provided creative solutions with dynamic results. They often tell us that we helped to make their move easier than they ever thought possible. Because we help develop policy and budgets, our corporate clients tell us that our solution-based business model positively affects their bottom line and makes their jobs much easier.

In today’s changing marketplace, Archibald Relocation and Real Estate Services sets a new standard for the relocation industry. We are not a cookie-cutter company doing the same old thing the same old way. We are nimble and we take pride in our ability to custom-build solutions for a variety of relocation scenarios. We take extra care to anticipate the “what ifs” before they come up. Every single day, when most companies might stop the process, we find new ways of solving problems. We find solutions that work for everyone because we DO take time to actively listen and address client concerns creatively and professionally.

I look forward to and welcome the challenge of creating relocation packages designed for the benefit of corporations with their people in mind. I will never forget what it’s like to move and am sensitive to issues that may arise. As Founder, I will always be personally involved with our corporate clients and transferees and I take pride in making a positive difference in all that we do as a company.

As a testament to our solutions-based outcomes, many clients have become personal friends who in turn refer business to us.

I invite you to give me a call. You’ll be amazed at our team and what we offer!


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