Spring is in the air, well at least I hope it is. Here in Cheyenne we got a lovely snow surprise that is currently still on the ground. No matter, it is time to make the preparations for cleaning. Here are some ideas as to what needs to be cleaned in regards to our four legged friends.

  • Bedding – like we wash our sheets it is also important to wash our four legged friends beddings. This helps to keep unwanted pest from taking up residence, as well as cut back on unwanted smells that may have accumulated over the winter months.
  • Dog‘s living space- kennels, dog runs, your bed room, or anywhere in your house where your four legged friend likes to lounge about. Carpet cleaning in important as unseen dust and dirt have had the entire winter to make themselves at home. Kennels & Crates, although many are made of plastic, still need to be cleaned. Wipping them down with pet safe products or simply taking them out and using good old soap, water and a hose are both excellent ways to get these clean. Dog runs need to be checked for any unwanted winter residence that might have moved in, along with holes, gaps and the like.
  • Backyards & Front yards- be sure to check for any escape hatches that the winter months may have created. Pest control is a big concern as the summer months slowly make their approach. Be sure to use pet safe pesticide, keep harmful weeds and plants out of spots reach. If you are getting ready to start your garden be sure you have proper protection so that spot won’t dig up your hard work.
  • Leashes, Collars & harnesses- I know many people don’t think about cleaning these, ‘Why?’ they ask. Simply put would you want to wear the same shirt over and over again after sweating in it all winter? I like to wash mines by simply throwing it in the washing machine in a pillowcase. Reason for the pillowcase is so that my washer doesn’t get all cut up from the metal bits and also so that I don’t end up with a giant tangle of leash, collar, agitator.
  • Dog Treats- Sometimes we get treats for our pets and forget about them, I will be the first to admit to this. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I am always confused, like How could I have forgotten I got this?. Check your cabinets, make sure the treats you do have on hand are not dried out or expired.
  • Food storage containers- If you are like me and need to keep your dog treats in a twist lid container then now is as good a time as any to clean it out. I usually give my containers a quick clean when they are empty just so the crumbs don’t become a mountain; when I am in the spring cleaning mood I like to empty out the container completely and wash it out. Be sure to rise it thoroughly so that there is no soapy residue.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started on your spring cleaning. A clean home equals a clean and happy family. Good luck!marci