Candidate/New Hire Area Tour

Compass MapA well planned area tour is instrumental in alleviating a candidate’s concerns about moving to a new location. An informative and enjoyable overview tour leaves a candidate excited about what the new location has to offer and removes any concern about living in the new area.

We understand that hiring top talent typically involves competition and we go the extra mile to sell the location while the corporation sells the job. It is important for a candidate to discover why they will enjoy living in a new location as well as the positives of the new job.

Our Relocation Specialists are ambassadors for their location. They provide a comprehensive area tour that highlights the benefits of living in the new community including neighborhoods, shopping, schools, things to do and see, transportation, recreational areas, and well known highlights of the city. Tours are customized for each candidate through an assessment that allows us to create a tour suited to the needs of the candidate. We also offer an electronic relocation guide that provides a wealth of local information for further research. At the start of the tour, each candidate is given a packet of information that includes our exclusive City Book, area maps, brochures, restaurant guides, and additional items specific to the interests of the candidate.

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