In this time of rampant growth, including increasing population, per capita income and, yes, traffic, affordable living in desirable neighborhoods is becoming pretty rare.
With 2017 rolling around, Portland remains a seller’s market.

As home inventories in the Portland greater-metro-area continue to decline, home sale prices continue to increase. Some have called this a growing bubble but several recent shifts in satellite offices for some large companies, like Adidas and Nike, means that large corporations continue to see Portland as a cheaper alternative to Seattle and San Francisco. Portland has nearly three times the amount of city growth space as San Francisco and twice as much as Seattle, with less than half the density of either, even in downtown.

With all the new arrivals and an unclear political horizon, now is the time to sell. The argument for listing in the fall or winter months usually goes along the lines of reduced inventory, but the facts are clear – even though the inventory is much lower in the fall and winter months, it STILL takes a whole lot longer to sell through that lower inventory. Can you sell a home in the Portland fall or winter successfully and at a great price? Yes, you can with the right Portland real estate agent to help you.

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