If you think you’re toasty on these warm summer days remember that fido wears his fur coat all year long.  Helping your pet stay cool and avoid heat stroke in the summer months is a must and he will ‘woof’ you for it!  We have some great recipes and reminders to help you and your pet stay cool all summer long.

Although it may not sound appetizing to you, we pups love a good peanut butter and banana Popsicle!  It’s so easy to make, simply mix some peanut butter with mashed bananas and either fill an ice tray with the concoction or line a cookie tray with wax paper and lump some of the mixture on the tray just like you would do with cookie dough.  This is my favorite way to cool down!  Mix it up with yogurt and fruit or even one of my favorites, chicken Popsicle!

Did you know we dogs not only release heat from our noses but we also have sweat glands on the bottom of our feet, if we get over heated we love standing in a cool tub of water.

For more tips on how to keep your best friend cool over the summer you can find some great tips at Global Animal’s website.

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