Home Sale Program


Archibald Relocation provides complete listing and sales assistance to corporations that want to help their new hires and transferring employees sell their homes quickly. Our goal is to price homes to sell next within a reasonable amount of time and allow employees to focus on their new job.

Home Sale Facilitation/Property Management

Archibald Relocation provides superior management of the entire home marketing process and sales assistance for individuals needing to sell their homes. Our goal is to price the home to sell in a reasonable amount of time and allow the new hire/transferee to focus on their new job. We utilize our nationwide Preferred Broker Network, using only experienced relocation listing specialists in the departure location to obtain two (2) Broker Marketing Analysis reports that are used to determine the list price and the best sales price. These reports also note whether or not the home needs repairs and/or improvements – especially if there is a feature that is not common throughout the neighborhood subdivision. We also provide nationwide relocation mortgage and title and escrow services to facilitate a smooth process and timely closing.

Once the home is listed, we closely track showing activity and the marketing strategy of the broker to ensure that the new hire/transferee is aware of all real estate activity as well as any changes to the local marketplace that requires adjustments to pricing and/or marketing strategies. We also offer sale assistance to facilitate successful negotiations, ensure only qualified purchasers are accepted while cautioning against risky sales contracts that might include hidden contingencies or other items which could risk sale fallout. We track and monitor the entire sale process, including removal of contingencies, from listing through to closing.

Buyer Value Option Home Sale Program

The Buyer Value Option (BVO) is an IRS regulated home sale program that must follow 11 key elements. Close adherence to the 11 step process will allow the corporation’s payment of the new hire/transferee’s non-recurring closing costs to be income tax free. The program is similar to that of Home Sale Management with tighter process restrictions due to the strict IRS regulations.

Amended Value or Guaranteed Buyout Home Sale Programs

This home sale program provides the new hire/transferee with a guarantee of a corporate buyout of their home based on an average value of two appraisals. Prior to the execution of the guaranteed buyout, the Amended Value Program (AVM) offers the ability to amend the guaranteed offer price to a price higher than originally offered if a qualified buyer is found who will pay more for the property. Most often the AVM option is extended for 30-90 days from the guaranteed job offer tendered date. Added services in this specific home sale program include appraisal order and review, home inspection order and review, and property management services.