marcie retouched 3 It is no fun when your dog is not feeling well. However there are many natural remedies to make him feel better fast. Here are some common ailments and a few tips for treating them the natural way:

Fleas – Fleas are the bane of any dog owner’s existence, but there are natural ways to fight them. One thing you should do is regularly bathe your dog. Comb them with a flea comb to remove current infestations and vacuum any areas that the fleas may be living. You can give your dogs a garlic supplement to ward off fleas and also treat their skin and fur with a mixture of essential oils like tea tree and lemon grass. Proceed slowly to watch for your dog’s reaction to any new remedies. You can also use orange oil or vegetable soap to repel fleas. Treat affected sleeping areas and carpets with diatomaceous earth, but do not use on your dogs unless a food grade version is obtained. You may find this at your local pet specialty store or in some health food shops.

Gas – There are many reasons that your dog is gassy. Most of the time it is due to diet. To prevent gas avoid feeding the dog leftovers. Feed only dog food or suitable alternatives. Do not switch the food brands or flavors quickly. Instead introduce new brands a little at a time. If your dog eats too fast consider breaking up the food and placing it in a wide, shallow bowl to encourage slower eating. Do not let your dog run and jump right after eating. Instead encourage a resting period and then a slow walk to promote good digestion.

Itchy skin – There are many causes for itchy skin, but dogs frequently itch until they bleed, making the problem worse. To alleviate itching naturally try to wash the dog with a diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar. Some other baths include chamomile tea, green tea, or a baking soda solution can also help with itching. If you have recently changed dog shampoos you may want to go back to the old brand or try a natural alternative. Supplements like fish oil can also help problem skin and make fur shiny and healthy.

Patchy fur – Most issues with patchy fur are due to itching or skin allergies. If you have done your best to remove any allergens and the fur is still not growing back, try this simple treatment. Everyday wash your dog with an apple cider vinegar solution. You can even supplement this with an occasional spray throughout the day. After a few days the skin should not be red and fur should be growing back. The vinegar helps to kill bacteria on the skin and restore natural PH, reducing the urge to itch.

Ear Mites –If your dog is itching at his ears or seems to have black growth in his ears, it might be ear mites. The first thing you should do is rub a few drops of vegetable oil in the ear. After a minute clean out the existing black with a cotton ball. Then treat the mites with a solution of 9 drops of yellow dock root and 1 teaspoon of water. Massage it in once every three days for six weeks. Or you can mix one half ounce of almond oil with 400 IUs of Vitamin E. Apply half an eyedropper full every day for six days and massage in. Stop for three days and then repeat to kill the mites.

These are just a few of the natural ways you can help your dog to feel better fast. There are many resources to help you in your quest to make your dog well naturally, so take a look around All Things Dog Blog and find out what works.

~By: Jason Miner
All Things Dog Blog