Archibald Relocation was featured and Beth Archibald was quoted in a Portland Monthly article outlining the benefits of a flood of California immigrants and how important they are to the local economy.

“There are many ways to arrive in a new town.

Beth Archibald provides one of the cushiest. Her company, Archibald Relocation, handles the logistical needs of professionals moving to new jobs in Portland. She notes that when she started in the industry back in 1984, “more people were leaving Portland than moving here.” These days, this is not a problem. The future employers of newly minted Portlanders—often rapidly growing software companies like Elemental, Ecova, and Jive—pay her to take care of their fresh talent’s moving hassles. She sends the relocatees pictures of potential apartments and gets the necessary paperwork in their hands, often long before they ever take a breath of Rose City air.

“They hit the ground, and they don’t have time to go look at property,” Archibald says. “We even have landlords and real estate agents who call us ahead of time saying, ‘Hey, this unit is coming available, just wanted to let you know.’ Especially for the higher-end, executive homes.”

ArchibaldRelocationBearsThink of Archibald as an officer on the front lines of the economic, demographic, and cultural tumult transforming Portland, tapped into deeper forces: in the tech industy’s case, a new juggernaut, crucial to the city’s future, that desperately needs talented people.

Those people, for the most part, are not here. But they’re coming.”