Today’s HR professional have their hands full, managing employee recruiting, hiring and training, in addition to salary negotiations, benefits packages, maintaining morale and dealing with ever-changing personnel policies. If you’re an HR director in this position, you might be wondering if a relocation management company can take the task of relocating employees off your plate. And it can. Here are five things an RMC can do for you.

1. Establishing relocation packages that fit employees’ needs.

Lump-sum relocation packages, where every employee receives a fixed amount of money to cover a move, are easy to administer, but do not fit every situation. An RMC can create tiered relocation packages, direct reimbursement packages and more to help create a stress-free move for your employees.
2. Interfacing with service providers such as moving companies, real estate agents and home stagers to help the relocation process go smoothly.

While home sales are the most challenging aspect of employee relocation, everything from moving vans to temporary housing needs to be coordinated. An RMC can handle it all, including home sales, so you can focus on your core competencies as an HR director. Due to relationships with supply-chain partners, your RMC will also negotiate better rates than you could imagine.
3. Managing the dispersion of employee relocation benefits.

From calculating tax gross-up to issuing checks or paying providers directly, your RMC manages employee relocation benefits every step of the way, giving you one less administrative task you have to manage every month.
4. Dealing with emergencies that may come up during an employee move.

When a moving van doesn’t show up for an employee, this is the most important thing going on in his life at the moment. But you still have an office to run and a staff to manage. You may not be able to drop everything and help, but your RMC client manager is available 24/7 for emergencies like this, which can ultimately affect employee productivity and satisfaction after the move.
5. Follow up to ensure employee satisfaction for higher retention rates and a faster return-to-productivity.

An RMC has proven processes in place to gauge the success of an employee relocation. They can take this information and use it to improve the process during the next relocation, always improving standards.

Author: Dawn Allcotfish