Preparing a Home for Sale While Gearing up for the Big Move

Before listing their house on the market, many homeowners make improvements to the appearance and functionality of their home. The better the house looks when it’s listed on the market, the more money the homeowner will make when the home sells. Performing basic maintenance, organizing each room, removing clutter and boosting curb appeal can all increase the sale price of the home. These tips will help homeowners who would like to get the most money they can from their home sale.  

Remove Clutter

Clutter can make a home look dark, small and disorganized. Removing clutter can help improve the appearance of the home’s interior. Clutter takes many forms. Papers, bills, old knick-knacks, unwanted pieces of furniture and collections of household items can all make a home look very cluttered and messy.

Homeowners who want to remove clutter must do so systematically, going through each room one by one. Storage areas like the attic, basement and closets will all be hot spots for clutter, but homeowners must also go through the rooms of the house and remove clutter from the shelves, drawers and countertops. 

Some homeowners take this time to hold a garage sale or give away their old belongings to relatives who could make use of them. It’s best not to throw items away, if at all possible. In addition to the fact that throwing things away can be costly, it’s also bad for the environment. That which can’t be sold or given away to relatives should be taken to a consignment shop or given to charity. 

Touch Up Walls or Repaint

Scuffed up, scratched walls can make the home’s interior look messy and poorly maintained. Oftentimes, to improve the home’s overall look again, all it takes is choosing the right interior paint. If the damage is bad, the room may need to be repainted. Neutral colors are best. Neutrals include cream, beige, greige and brown. These hues match most types of furniture, and are elegant and understated enough that home buyers are naturally attracted to these types of colors. 

Improve Landscaping

Landscaping can have a dramatic impact on curb appeal. Colorful flowers, healthy grass, lush shrubs and mature trees can all help make a home more attractive to a home buyer. Homeowners who want to make a good impression on home buyers can start by planting colorful annuals in their garden beds, and by pruning shrubs to encourage leafy, healthy growth. Pruning overgrown trees can also help give the yard a trim, well-maintained appearance.

Once all of this done, maintaining the flowers and shrubs is important. Homeowners who don’t have time to maintain their landscaping can benefit from hiring a landscaping service.

Perform General Maintenance

Typically, home buyers expect the home they buy to be completely functional. Problems like small holes in the wall, stuck windows, broken shower doors and other little maintenance issues can dramatically reduce the offer a home buyer is willing to make. Homeowners who resolve these problems in advance of listing their home for sale may be able to make a larger profit and may be asked to make fewer concessions after the home inspection.  

Work With a Real Estate Professional

Working with a real estate professional is one of the best things that a homeowner can do to sell his or her home. With the advice of a real estate professional, homeowners can properly stage and repair their home. If you’re a homeowner who is thinking about selling your property in the next several months, contact a reputable real estate professional in your area.